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Invision 7" HD Dual DVD Monitor System / INV7-H

Invision 7" HD Dual DVD Monitor System / INV7-H

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  • ConnectedHD 7" system outperforms the competition in quality standards and meticulous attention to detail
  • INVISION always adheres to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, while perfectly matching vehicle-specific interior and electrical requirements.
  • Engineered to fit and always built to last. 
  • Certified HDMI/MHL inputs that give the user direct connection to any HDMI/MHL enabled device, smartphone, tablet, even Smart-TV devices. Provides delivery of high-definition audio and video content without losing the use of the DVD. 


  • 7" Digital LED Backlit Monitor
  • Adjustable tilt screens
  • 800 RGB x 480 resolution
  • Hideaway HDMI/MHL/USB Inputs 
  • Smart Stream Capable. 
  • USB input (with charging on each monitor)
  • A/V-Input/output
  • Full FM Band wireless FM transmitter
  • FM-out 
  • Covers over 1000 vehicle applications


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